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thing we also don't expect▓ from media coverage," he said."One doesn't▓ need to

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limit one's reading to contemporar▓y writers," he said. "The more you


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read back into t▓he century before and the centuries before that...the more you see the continuities and changes o▓f Chinese culture."CROSSING CULTURAL BARRIERS IN DIGITAL, VISUAL WORLDLaughlin has been chan▓ging his syllabus an

d ways of teaching his students about literature in general as it is bec▓oming "marginalized by digital culture and▓ visual culture." His Chinese literature▓ course is no exception."I

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think another challenge▓ we have here is that students are not neces▓sarily reading a lot of literature anyway, " he said. "We ha▓ve t

o draw their attention back to the specific richness of language and text. But I also use more film and visual culture in my classes.▓"As to his studen


ts' reaction to the "By the River" novella collection, he said: "American students who▓ don't know so much about China find it a little difficult to relate to the problems and issues that characters in the

se stories are dealing with.▓""Some of them liked stories more than I exp▓ected them to. And some of them disliked stories that I thought that they would like," he said. "But I thi

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nk they make a great component to use in teaching abo▓ut modern and contemporary Chinese literature.""Apart fr▓om learning the thoughts, feelings,▓ and priorities of Chinese characters or authors, I think literature helps convince us of our common humanity," he said. "This is particularly important in a world that uses language and media inc

reasingly to d▓ivide us and distance us from others.""Peopl▓e who don't read foreign literatures▓ are more likely to view people of other cultures as ▓fundamentally different and incomprehensible. Literature reminds us that behind walls of p▓olitics and ideology there continue to be ordi▓nary people, flirting with each other, deal

ing with ▓the deaths of their parents, stealin▓g bicycles, catching a cold, compet▓ing for recognition, or worrying that they look too old wh▓en they see themselves in the mirror," he said."We can rel▓ate to these things, and the power of this ability to relate is multiplied when it crosses lingu▓istic and cultural barriers. When you can see

this commonality, you are less likely t▓o dehumanize someone from another culture with stereotypes and prejudice, and this coul▓d help diminish a lot of hatred and violence," he said.In today's highly visual, digital culture, the challenge is "how to get li▓terature in front of people," Laughlin said."We are all still rea

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